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The E4ROW project's mission is to aggressively expand the universe of Ether users by bringing Ether-based apps to the global online/mobile gaming markets.

Ether is virtually unknown to these massive markets, and E4ROW’s games will highlight the unique capabilities of Ethereum to millions of new users, thus increasing the overall adoption, viability and value of Ether. The E4ROW smart-contract that is at the core of these apps enables players to bet and win Ether in a secure and transparent manner.

Unlike other crypto-projects that are marketing to the extremely limited, technologically savvy community of those familiar with cryptocurrencies, E4RoW is attempting to break into the infinitely larger market of online and mobile gamers to create a tidal wave of new Ether users unlike anything previously seen in Ether’s history. Unlike many Ethereum projects that are largely based upon vaporware, products in perpetual development or lofty plans, E4ROW is professionally developed software that is operational and ready for market, with the first of many planned games already released.

First App

By far, the most popular card game app is Poker -The online poker market represents millions upon millions of potential new Ether users, many of whom are currently used to playing poker with valueless ‘virtual coins’, or who may not be comfortable trusting online casinos with real currency.

If you visit the Google Play store and search the keyword ‘poker’, you will find no less than 250 apps, many of which have over a million downloads. With an estimated 100 million+ poker players worldwide, it is an exceptionally massive market.

Therefore, in accordance with our mission to bring Ether to the masses, we are proud to announce the release of the first app featuring the E4RoW contract, Uncle Finney’s Poker. Uncle Finney’s Poker is a poker app that allows players to bet and win Ether (actually, Finney, thousandths of an Ether) rather than the valueless virtual coins that appear in other apps. Uncle Finney’s Poker is available for full-featured use NOW, and is available in both an Android app and Chrome browser version.

Built into Uncle Finney’s Poker is an easy-to-use Ether wallet that enables users to store, send and receive Ether. Players will soon realize that Ether is an exciting and useful currency beyond the gaming environment. It is by this novel method we aim to grow the Etherverse like no other, by putting Ether in the hands of millions of people who were previously non-Ether users.

The Contract

Uncle Finney's Poker is powered by an Ethereum smart-contract called E4RoW (Ether 4 the Rest Of the World), which was designed to perform secure Ether escrow functions. In the case of Uncle Finney's Poker, that means collecting and holding the bets, then distributing them to the winner.

This hybrid-solution enables the creation of responsive, truly fun, strategic games, rather than simple random-number-generator games (such as dice games). To the poker market, this marks a major departure from the multitude of online casinos which typically require players to take a leap of faith by setting up accounts and depositing funds in advance of playing. By separating the card game from the bet management, Uncle Finney’s Poker provides an entertaining and fast paced game, while providing the enhanced security of an Ethereum contract handling the critical escrow function. It also introduces Ether to a massive new market of consumers who are hungry for new gaming experiences.

Uncle Finney’s Poker & E4RoW are done, tested, and already in use. You can download UFP now, play poker now against other players, bet real Ether, and see your winnings deposited directly into your Ether wallet. And Uncle Finney’s Poker is just the beginning. Our development team is integrating the E4RoW contract into more games and apps, including Texas Hold ‘Em, an exciting head-to-head shooter, and iPhone and Chrome formats.

NOT An Online Casino

In order to play poker or any other online betting game with real funds, whether fiat or crypto, online casinos require players to deposit funds in advance of play; then, if the casino is honest, hacker-resistant and has competent programmers, they will pay the funds to the winners. This leap of faith is a barrier for many players and is one of the reasons that most gaming apps utilize worthless, cartoon coins instead of real currency.

With Uncle Finney’s Poker and all the future games that will feature the E4RoW escrow contract, players do not need to deposit funds or set up an account with a casino or gambling website – instead, Ether bets are directly managed by the E4RoW contract in real-time. There is no casino, rather, the contract simply acts as a secure, short-term escrow holder. Players no longer need to wonder about whether the casino or hackers will steal their funds – E4RoW can only pay the funds back to the players, with no other option.

Since there is no casino, no gambling website, and no company that is acting as a custodian for players’ funds in a gaint bank account, and since Ether is not a recognized currency in many countries, this novel approach may also legitimately avoid some gambling restrictions.


E4RoW was created by software development team Live Player Games, based in the beautiful city of Herzliya on Israel's central coast.

Live Player Games mission is to develop applications to aggressively grow the Etherverse. E4RoW is the team’s flagship contract. Uncle Finney’s Poker is the first of many planned games that will introduce Ether to thousands of new users. Follow us on Slack, Reddit or Twitter, links below.



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